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I’d long had the dream of travelling, exploring different cultures, lands and lifestyles but it was a dream I didn’t really believe would ever come true. Until June 2015, when my husband and I embarked on a South East Asian adventure.

We’d both seen and experienced people planning their lives, ‘we will travel then’ ‘I will do it later’ only to have their dreams continually delayed. My parents had planned an adventure filled retirement only for my father to be struck down with alzheimer’s so we know firsthand that life rarely works out the way we plan.

A house for some is the ultimate dream, to write a book or freedom to travel for others, it’s up to us whether we even want our dream to become a reality. We didn’t know what our adventure would look like, just that we wanted one. We discovered the magical world of diving and before I knew it I certified as a PADI open water scuba instructor – not bad for someone who was once terrified of being eaten by a shark!

Maybe not everything is possible but many things are, with a little hardwork, a lot of faith and a willingness to step into the unknown. We’re now back in the UK, for how long who knows!

I hope you enjoy reading about our experiences as much as I am enjoying writing about them and if any of it inspires you, all the better! Xx