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We’ve all seen and experienced people planning their lives ‘we’re going to travel then’ ‘I’ll do that later’ only for ‘then and later’ never to arrive.  My parents had planned an adventure filled retirement, only for my father to be struck down with dementia.  During his illness I began thinking about what I really wanted to do in my life and making plans to make sure it actually happened.

To be able to buy a house is the ultimate dream for some, to write a book, ride a horse or see the sea for others.  I wanted to travel.  I was lucky enough to have a childhood in which holidays were frequent and we travelled far and wide and as an adult I’d always dreamed of having an epic travel adventure.

My husband and I started planning our trip in our mid 40s, proving you are never too old for an adventure!  We travelled all over South East Asia for 21 months, discovering the magical world of diving and before I knew it I certified as a PADI open water scuba instructor – not bad for someone who was once terrified of being eaten by a shark!

After a few wonderful years back in the UK we are about to embark on our next adventure.  I hope you enjoy reading about our experiences as much as I am enjoying writing about them and if any of it inspires you, all the better! Xx