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  • November to Date: We started a business which will keep us in Indo for a while to come – well after a brief trip back to the UK while we wait for our working permits anyway 😉 
  • September: Back in Indonesia for Mola season and haven’t broken our record of only seeing one yet! ah well!
  • August: We spent August in Bangkok, thinking, planning, exploring and eating! sheesh the food is good.
  • May to July 2019: Back to Bangkok and then to Indonesia, Ubud, Bali then Nusa Lembongan to see lovely friends and do some lovely diving.
  • April 2019: We started in Bangkok then went to Vietnam, bottom to top with Ma, WE LOVE VIETNAM and will definitely be going back again.
  • January 17- January 19 involved a home base in the UK and quick trip back to Indo, mini breaks to Wales, Cork, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and several trips to Paris!
  • December 2016: Bangkok, where friends and Ma joined us for Christmas and New Year, ooh we do love Bangkok and its glorious food!
  • November 2016: Panglao in the Philippines where I did my PADI IDC and became an OWSI!! Woohoo!
  • July to Oct 2016: Nusa Lembongan for some more diving and studying with a few weeks in the middle with lovely Ma in Ubud, Bali
  • Late June to mid July 2016: J saw friends and family and surprised his Dad in Canada for his seventieth birthday and I spent time with Ma and friends in England
  • May to late June: Nusa Lembongan off of Bali where after much studying, hard work and great tuition from World Diving I became a PADI Divemaster, woohoo!
  • May: Gili Meno in Indonesia where we dived and spent some time with friends
  • April: 21 days exploring China with Ma and our first organised tour with GA Adventures which was sadly shite
  • February to March: We travelled all over the incredibly beautiful country that is Vietnam
  • January: We travelled in the extraordinarily lovely Kampuchea/Cambodia exploring Angkor Thom and Wat
  • January: A whirlwind trip around the bizarrely expensive wonder that is Myanmar with Ma and a friend, Trish
  • January 2016 : post Christmas Christmas in Singapore, TURKEY DINNER YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU
  • December to January 2016: SANTA IS COMING to North Bali with my inlaws and friends
  • November to December: we reveled in the shoppers heaven that is Bangkok, thankfully there were also a great number of wonderful non shopping sights to be seen as our bags were already bursting 😉
  • October to November: we embraced 5 weeks on Gili Meno diving and snorkelling, time in Ubud, Tulamben and more diving on Nusa Lembongan. Ma popped out again and we got her snorkelling.
  • September: We indulged in a week in the food heaven that is Singapore with friends before heading back to KL for a week to finally visit the Petronas towers
  • July to September: Malaysia, we hired a car and drove and flew around to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Kuala Terangganu, Pekan, Muar, Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, Melaka and everywhere in between
  • June to July 2015: Koh Samui, Thailand to start – to decompress, to relax, Ma came out for 3 crazy weeks

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