I am an eternal optimist who believes we can do or be anything, within reason, and what is reason anyway.

I’m in my late 40s, a life long executive assistant who loves my job. I’m  married to an incredibly lovely Canadian chap I met on Twitter (who knew it was a dating site) and am thankfully growing, learning and changing all the time.

In 2015, after a years planning, JHubz and I travelled all over South East Asia for the following twenty one months. It was an absolutely life changing experience that I will always be grateful for. In the process we became less and less interested in things and much more interested in experiences.

When we’d run out of money we returned to the UK and soon found ourselves full time jobs and back in the rat race. It wasn’t long before we were both disillusioned and craving something different so we are headed back to Asia to see what dreams may come.

While we travel Jason is using the opportunity to get some of the many stories in his head out and onto paper, he’s almost finished his first full length novel. You can find some of his previous stories at and his novella for kindle at Amazon or in hard copy at Blurb .