I am an eternal optimist who believes in faerie tales, happily ever after and the big bad wolf. I believe we can do or be anything, within reason, and what is reason anyway. I’m a forty something Brit who spent the eighteen years before June 2015 in a flat on the Portobello Road, before deciding life simply had to change.

I used to work as an executive assistant to a high net worth incredibly bright individual my job was interesting, challenging and varied and I met some amazing people but after a few decades of doing the same job for similar people I was sure there was more to life…

And there was…I met my Canadian husband in 2011 on Twitter (who knew it was a dating site) and after a lot of skyping, emailing, travelling and a tonne of paperwork he moved to the UK. We were married in front of friends and family in a beautiful country church a mile from my mum’s house in 2012. For a while we continued to live in London surrounded by increasing noise and consumerism until one day facetiming with a friend in the States, whose son had been paralysed in a tragic accident, I had the brainwave to leave it all behind. Jason was quickly convinced it was a marvellous idea and we started the long planning process to pack up our London lives and head to South East Asia in search of that elusive something more.

We were planning to travel for up to two years and then settle somewhere in the sun but we spent WAY more in the first year than we budgeted for because not only are we rubbish at budgeting, we discovered and fell in love with diving.

Our long term dream would be to open a resort that caters to divers, has as residential care home for dementia sufferers and an animal rescue on site and now that I know dreams really can come true nothing can stop me…but until I win the lottery and can make that happen I’m enjoying working in a new (to me) and interesting environment and looking forward to the next steps in this wonderful adventure called life.

While we travel Jason is using the opportunity to get some of the many stories in his head out and onto paper, he’s almost finished his first full length novel. You can find some of his previous stories at and his novella for kindle at Amazon or in hard copy at Blurb .