Whenever I write about anything we do and experience I want the underlying tone to be YOU CAN DO IT. Not what we do obviously. Whatever YOU want to do.

No one should let age, economics or anything else (illegality notwithstanding) stand in the way of following their dreams or passions. 

Having spent my twenties and thirties blithely drifting along it was only after I met J, in my early forties, that I started thinking about what I actually wanted my life to look like. Only then that I started allowing myself to believe things I wanted to happen really could, if I made them.

There is certainly no such thing as being too old to make a change. 

Wherever we are J is always writing. Getting some of the many stories in his head out and onto paper, he’s almost finished his first full length novel. You can find his first novella for kindle at Amazon or in hard copy at Blurb .