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  1. Brett says:

    Hey Tink. Never thought that the day would come when you left Lembongan. I’m still in the ‘Pines – extended my visa last week if you need any info. Where are you planning to go?

    • Tink says:

      Ha! I know, it’s certainly going to be hard to leave but there’s a great big world put there ☺. Any chance we’ll see you before we leave?️ we’re heading to Panglao Island off of Bohol. I am waiting patiently for your next update. You’re a much more erm well let’s say adventurous traveller than us! Xx

      • Brett says:

        Updates have been really hard. WiFi is about 15 years in the future for a lot of the places I’ve been visiting. I’m currently in Dumaguete, Negros. Went aboard a boat on rough seas for a three dive package to Apo Island yesterday. Got violently ill after the first one, and spent the next five hours feeding the fish over the side of the boat. Not a happy day. Is spectacular though, and only a stone’s throw from where you’ll be. Next stop for me is Siquijor then Bohol. My extended visa expires on 17 Sept, so I will be in these parts until then. I’d love to see you both if things line up. Need any info on visas. Email me if I can help.

        • Tink says:

          I really hope we get to cross paths because out back Oz is a really long way for us to come visit you! For sure I will be picking your brains about Bohol once you’ve explored Xx

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