An involuntary diet


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  1. Andrew Gills says:

    I grok your pain. I am currently in Indonesia (Java) and spent four days sick with gastro in Semarang. It was the worst I’ve ever experienced and rendered me useless for all four days unable to face even the smell of food. After two days I resorted to McDonalds as the first thing I could even consider eating. I had that for dinner two days in a row with plain digestive biscuits for breakfast and no lunch. It feels like you are dying at the time doesn’t it. Hope you recover soon and are back to feeling alive (I am better now and eating again … but being more careful about what street food I devour).

    • Tink says:

      (apologies for the delay, was able to post but not reply for some annoying reason) and I utterly agree! I had McDonalds my first two meals after being ill, I thought the golden arches were a mirage at first! ahahaha! it was JUST what I needed to get me eating again! I am glad you are all better XX

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